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TOSSI now have a Facebook page. Check it out at

Kaka seen in ecology bush
A visitor to the sanctuary meets a friendly Kaka.

The TOSSI Annual General Meeting was held on 3 September at the Woolshed.

The first COSSI day of talks and guided walks at Tawharanui on 25 March was a success.

80 Duvaucel’s gecko now reside at Tāwharanui Open Sanctuary, the first mainland population of this largest NZ lizard for at least 60 if not 100 years.

Create homes for birds!

Thanks to all those who helped at the 2017 Planting Days

4th June : 180 volunteers - 5,062 plants

2nd July : 80 volunteers - 4,959 plants

6th August : 150 volunteers - 4,363 plants

Corporate and Nursery Team - 4,340 plants