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Published on 30-03-2017Email To Friend    Print Version

The first COSSI day of talks and guided walks at Tawharanui on 25 March was a success. It was a day when other conservation organisations were invited to visit the Tawharanui Open Sanctuary to see what we have and what we are doing with it. Although numbers were small, those who participated were treated to a very informative and enjoyable day and a delicious lunch. The bad weather held off, providing perfect conditions for the activities and some memorable moments. During the walk to the Ecology Trail, three Takahe turned up right on cue near the information hut, so it was suggested they were on remote control! Later on, when we all squashed into the germination area at the nursery, the sprinklers came on! We were warned they would come on in 5 minutes in the next bay and we got a second dousing while we were still answering questions! It was lots of fun. Thank you to everyone involved in the organisation of this event.

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Thanks to all those who helped at the 2017 Planting Days

4th June : 180 volunteers - 5,062 plants

2nd July : 80 volunteers - 4,959 plants

6th August : 150 volunteers - 4,363 plants

Corporate and Nursery Team - 4,340 plants