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Planting Day Rained Out
Published on 04-06-2018Email To Friend    Print Version

The Tawharanui Public Planting day held on 3 June was affected by heavy rain.The planting had to be stopped due to the severe weather conditions. This has left more than 3,000 plants on the hillside planting site needing to be planted. There will be a follow up planting day on 10 June to complete the required planting.Sunday 3 June was the scheduled Public Planting Day at Tawharanui Open Sanctuary. This was despite the energetic and high spirited efforts of just over 40 volunteers and rangers. For more information, please email:

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Thanks to all those who helped at the 2019 Planting Days

4th June : 168 volunteers - 5,208 plants

7th July : 215 volunteers - 4,393 plants

4th August : 146 volunteers - 5,440 plants

Corporate and Nursery Team - 742 plants