We have experienced a very wet spring so we have carried on infill planting into October, all over the park. We found a very wet spot in Workingman’s wetland to plant 50 kahikatea and over 600 wetland grasses- Cyperus and Carex. Muehlenbeckia was planted at Anchor bay, Coprosma repens at the campground, Astelia at Marine Triangle near the cliff, and the last of the harakeke along the Anchor Bay road. All trees have to be caged to protect from damage by rabbits.

In the nursery, tawа̄pou, pūriri and tōtara seedlings were bagged toropapa cuttings were taken. We have sown some seeds too including pukatea, but despite planting hundreds we only have 3 precious seedlings. 

We haven’t begun pricking out for next winters planting as the seeds sent to Botanic Gardens to germinate were sown late. We hope they arrive soon and when they do we will be very busy getting them into T28s.

For our winter planting next year we are to focus on the West end, continuing from M16 to the predator fence. Yet another steep site. The plan is to have a transition from the dunes to the top of the pa site.

Susan Gibbings


We got the seedlings very late indeed but have been working frantically over December and January to get them all in the T28s. Amazing effort by the nursey team so far 🙂

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